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    Saavy Natural Products


    Food for Your Skin!


    At Saavy Naturals we only use 100% natural, food-grade ingredients in each of our products.

    Fun fact: Your skin is your body’s largest organ. This means that anything you put on your body is absorbed and goes into your body. So feed your skin with the nourishing ingredients it needs.

    We are very proud of each and every one of our handcrafted soaps, creams, scrubs, and our entire range of exquisite body care products. We have spent years perfecting them (actually more like a lifetime or two). We are deeply passionate about what we do and our commitment to making the safest, most luxuriously sensual and high quality body care products on the planet. Pretty tall order, right?

    We believe we deliver, but please, you be the judge. We craft each one like it’s a work of art, carefully selecting pure essential oils and plant extracts for its exquisite scent. Blending fine quality oils and butters that deeply nourish the body - never compromise it. We especially love jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, virgin coconut oil, shea butter, kukui oil, and moringa oil, to name a few of our faves.

    If you aren’t 100% satisfied with any of our products, we will refund your purchase. We stand behind what we make. And we make it all, ourselves, in small batches, in our own kitchen-factory. For us, this is the best way to insure the quality. We know what’s in it because we put it there. We don’t rely on a third-party manufacturer. We source each ingredient ourselves, and have spent decades in research and experimentation with different raw materials.

    No one knows body care ingredients like we do.

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