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    TMXN - Trimax Corp.


    Trimax Corp.

    Who We Are

    Trimax Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Saavy Naturals Inc., offers a complete line of Natural Skin Care products, which includes body creams, body scrubs, body wash, shampoos, conditioners, handcrafted soaps, bath bombs, bath salts and candles.

    Saavy Naturals products are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, soy free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and food-grade. Currently, Saavy Naturals can be found in some of the largest Natural retail stores and exclusive boutiques and spas across the nation. Some of the retailers include Whole Foods Market in the Northeast and Southern California regions, Gelson's Market, Vitamin Cottage, Bristol Farms, Erewhon, Earth Fare, and Lazy Acres.

    Additionally, Saavy Naturals products can be purchased through numerous online retailers, including, and, to name a few. Saavy Naturals is a complete line of Luxurious, 100% Natural, "Food-Grade" Body Care. Saavy was created by former chefs, and husband and wife team, from their unique œfood perspective -- their philosophy that what you put on your body goes in your body.

    Each product is made in small batches in their own kitchen-factory to better insure the quality they are so adamant about. Saavy's mission is to enhance people’s lives by creating the purest, most sensual body care products available through integrity, creativity and abundance. Always Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO and sustainably sourced. Saavy is Food for your skin and a Feast for your senses.


    Executive Team

    Debra Q. Saavedra


    Has spent the last 11 years as an entrepreneur and creator of two national top-selling personal care (HBA) brands and companies in the All-Natural Product Industry. Mrs. Saavedra brings strong leadership in all areas of operation including business strategies, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and accounting. Mrs. Saavedra holds a BA from the University of North Florida and an MA from the University of Santa Monica.

    Hugo Saavedra


    Hugo Saavedra, is the co-founder and CEO of Saavy Naturals, has never been able to tolerate impurities. A former herb farmer, he avoided all pesticides because he couldn’t stand the idea of polluting his crop. This zero tolerance for the use of chemicals informed his brief career as a chef, and ultimately inspired him to create an organic line of beauty and skincare products “good enough to eat.”

    Originally from Argentina, Hugo came to the states 40 years ago. He worked in Louisiana for many years as a chef, eventually opening two of his own restaurants. In the early ‘80s, he moved to Los Angeles, where he operated a 20-acre herb farm that supplied ingredients to up-and-coming chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Joachim Splichal, the chef behind the gourmet French restaurant Patina in downtown Los Angeles. These chefs--who were spearheading the California organic movement--shared Hugo’s obsession with natural produce unadulterated by pesticides and fertilizers.

    One fateful day, Hugo turned on the TV and stumbled upon a show about a couple who made organic lipstick in their bathtub. Hugo was riveted, particularly by the ingredients, which included rosemary oils and mint. The next day, Hugo stopped by the public library and scoured the stacks for instructions on how to make lipstick. All he could find was a book of soap recipes.

    Undiscouraged, Hugo checked out the book and began experimenting with the recipes at home; he found that he was instinctively good at it. “My knowledge about cooking made the transition to making soap very easy,” he says.

    Hugo started selling his soaps at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market in the early ‘90s. The response was so enormous that Hugo quickly sold the herb farm so that he and Debra could concentrate on producing their rapidly expanding line of natural products full time.

    Their big break came in 2005, when the couple was invited to Whole Food’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, to demonstrate their products. “We went all out, covering the table with rose-petals, allowing customers to sample our lotions. It was an incredible success,” Hugo recalls.

    Currently, Hugo is the co-founder of Saavy Naturals and his product can also be found at various retail locations like Gelson’s Market, Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods Market, and their website at Hugo isn’t content to stop here, however. “I want to make the business a household name. I want to make it a billion dollar company,” he says. He also opened a retail store in Neptune Beach, Florida.

    Much of Hugo’s ambition is motivated by his desire to raise awareness about the many different ways in which the term “organic” is abused in the United States. “The truth is the FDA does not regulate the industry at all.” Chemicals, such as phenol (found in coal tar, and heavily restricted in Canada and the EU), are used in skin products and advertised as organic in the U.S., Hugo says.

    “The word organic is being corrupted in America. People use it as a marketing tool, and companies use it to confuse the consumer.”

    In contrast, Hugo emphasizes, Saavy Naturals uses only food-grade ingredients; all products are manufactured right in Los Angeles and are vegan and gluten-free.

    Hugo’s philosophy is simple but absolute: “For me, whatever you put on your skin, you should be able to eat,” he says. “The skin is the largest organ we have--it absorbs everything. We tend to take the skin

    Justin Miloro

    COO of Consumer Divisions

    Justin Miloro brings over 25 years of sales and executive level management skills holding key executive positions with Whole Foods Markets, Mineral Fusion Natural Brands and Hugo Naturals. During his 9 year tenure with Whole Foods Market, Mr. Miloro was the Global Associate Whole Body Coordinator and was instrumental in launching their industry changing Premium Body Care Standards with their Quality Standards team while also creating over 250 exclusive products with national partners. Other responsibilities included leading a team of 50 regional buyers and coordinators, overseeing monthly national category reviews and resets, national new item processes, and work with their internal data team while providing direction on all store planograms.

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